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Hi, my name is Vic Shóstak.

I'm a Software Engineer with excellent UX/UI knowledge and over 12 years of practical experience.

A little bit about my work

I'm a founder of a friendly outsource company called True web artisans, which is engaged in the automation of business processes using modern technology.

On a personal basis, I do commercial consulting about UX of a product, selecting the best growth strategy and building a positive customer journey.

Professional profiles

Social profiles

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Technical expertise

In more than 12 years of successful work in the IT industry, my technology stack has changed many times, but the technical expertise has always remained at the highest level.

I think it's important, not just to write clean code and make a supported infrastructure or create a wonderful UI design, but to look for the root of the problem in the task at hand.

At the moment, I'm working in the following stack:

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