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What am I offering?

I offer collaboration in the type of consulting to improve the quality of customer user experience (UX) with your product.

UX review is a key process in ensuring that your product meets the needs of your target audience. Being an integral part of product development of any complexity, this assessment is a comprehensive analysis of user interaction with your product (landing page, online store, mobile app, and so on).

In today's marketplace, where every product is fighting for the consumer's attention, a well-planned UX can be a critical success factor.

Product success in the market

Investing in UX leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction, increased brand loyalty and business loyalty. Companies that regularly evaluate user interactions and optimize their products based on the findings provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Increase conversion and sales growth

UX optimization helps to better move users toward their goal, whether it's a purchase, registration, or other important action. An improved user experience can lead to increased conversions, higher sales and more revenue for a company.

Reduced cost of support

A well-designed product UX reduces the number of errors and problems your customers encounter, leading to fewer support calls and, as a result, lower business costs.

UX review example

A very brief example of a task I realized earlier, where a UX review increased the conversion rate for a targeted action on a customer's website.

The registration page on the customer's web service shows a lower than expected conversion rate: only 10% of visitors to this section register, and only half of them confirm their account by clicking on the link from the transaction email. This action has an important role in the company's business processes, as the main functionality of the web service becomes available only after account confirmation.
Since the registration page is an important part of the business process, the analytics took into account only those parameters that affect the increase in conversions. Namely:
  • The location of the registration page relative to the home page;
  • Information on completing the form fields and its validation process;
  • Number of providers through which registration is possible;
  • Transactional email speed and mail server configuration;
  • Relevance of information in transactional writing.
The remaining parameters were specifically excluded from the analytics to reduce their impact on the final solution.
As a result of analytical actions, the following solutions were derived to increase the conversion rate of the registration page on the customer's web service:
  • Place the registration form on the main page of the web service (for example, in the starting block of content where the account login form is located), so that the customer does not have to go to a secondary page;
  • Add fill-in reference information for each field of the registration form (for example, in the form of tooltips when hovering over the question icon);
  • Add color and text indication for incorrectly entered data in the registration form (e.g., highlight the field in red immediately upon entry, not after it is sent to the server by the «Register» button);
  • Add additional providers for registration on the web service, in addition to the classic registration by email (e.g., using Yandex and VK account). Since the frontend part of the web service is written in React, you can use a ready-made library to solve this task;
  • Check the settings of the mail server (DKIM and SPF) that sends transactional emails, because very often they end up in the SPAM folder and the client cannot view them;
  • In the transactional email separately allocate a block of information about the benefits of account confirmation, make the link to account confirmation more prominent.
The UI of the registration form should be worked out separately: it is necessary to correct its appearance and the sequence of fields so that the client could fill out this form as intuitively as possible.

Cost of service

UX reviews are always unique and depend on the business processes of a particular company.

The table below shows approximate terms of realization and minimum budget calculation from which you can start. I will be able to give more precise data after familiarizing with the terms of reference or CJM.

Name of the service Realization period Cost
Reviewing one scenario within your product from 4 working days from 15 000 ₽
Comprehensive landing page review (the entire cycle of user interaction) from 10 working days from 35 000 ₽
Comprehensive review of an online store or online trading platform (the entire cycle of user interaction) from 16 working days from 55 000 ₽
Comprehensive review of a mobile application for Android or iOS (the entire cycle of user interaction) from 18 working days from 75 000 ₽

What else is included?

The following work is always included in the cost of the service, in addition to analyzing and compiling the estimate:

  • A detailed UX report with improvement forecast and technical recommendations for the development department (in Markdown or PDF format).
  • A variant of CJM based on the improvement forecast (in FigJam or Pixso Whiteboard formats).
  • Consultation during 7 working days (as part of the original terms of reference or CJM).
  • Sending a package of closing documents to the accounting department.

Thinking of moving your business online?

This is great! I am an official partner of a Russian platform for creating websites of any complexity — Craftum. I will gladly help you choose a template with optimal UX for your tasks.

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